Monthly Archives: October 2012

Kale-Potato Soup with Kick

I was in the mood for comfort food, so I checked out what I had in the kitchen. Happily, I had enough ingredients for a stick-to-your-ribs soup! True, the pepperoni sticks were leftovers from the weekend, but I have listed a few ideas for substitution below the recipe. I was going to list this one […]

Easy Crockpot Dressing

Some of the potluck dinners I attend are “organized”: one person brings “a salad”, another “veggies”, another “meat”, and so on. There is still considerable freedom on each cook’s part as to what specifics are involved, and no one has to undergo the one dinner where -everyone- brought chili… and no bread! This one was […]

Easy Sliced Summer Salad

It’s so easy that I had to give it a long name! Perfect for late summer as all those beefsteak tomatoes start ripening and big-leafed basil is available. The dressing? So very simple, too! Eating it is the height of decadence, aromatic and luscious… Sliced Summer Salad tomato or two, fragrantly ripe, sliced about a […]

Pasta or… Not!

Age has crept up on me, making every ounce of pasta show up somewhere on my body. Luckily, I’ve discovered a couple of veggies that can stand in brilliantly! There’s this thing called a spaghetti squash, a golden cream-colored football-like squash that can store a few months in a cool dry spot (not the fridge!). […]

Beans, and then Hummus

Hummus makes a wonderful snack, and delicious contribution to a potluck meal. My friend, Lizzie Cook, sent me her favorite tip on cooking beans (good for most beans) and a great hummus recipe. Here they are: Dried Beans – Quick Soaking Method If you wish to use dried rather than canned beans in a recipe […]

Easy Kale Chips

The original of this was first published last year in my other blog… I don’t consider myself much of a cook. I find little joy in the daily chore of ensuring my body has sufficient fuel to function and function properly. On the other hand… I do like to try out recipes that are easy […]

Easy Roasted Veggies

After last night’s fantastic dinner, an organized potluck sort of thing, I had more requests for the roasted veggies recipe. It’s not actually a recipe, but more of a guideline so you can vary it to your tastes, and even surprise yourself with what actually tastes delish! I usually accidently make too much, but the […]

Easy Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce is so very easy, I am amazed people still buy the canned. Making your own also gives you options in terms of level of sweetness and in different flavors. Cranberry Sauce ingredients: 1 cup (200 g) sugar 1 cup (250 ml) water 3 cups (12 oz bag or 300-360 gm bag) fresh or […]