What else do we need here?

Always thinking about my friends who want to eat at home, but not necessarily undertake cordon bleu challenges… So, what else do we need here?

  • Fruits and vegetables can, for the most part, be eaten raw.
  • Many meats can just be thrown onto a pan or into the oven and cooked until done.
  • We have the starches of breads and noodles.
  • We have the stews and soups, and a recipe for designing your own.
  • We even have a few desserts and snacks.
  • We have discussion on healthy eating, and kitchen equipment.

What else would you like to see here? The guidelines are: No (or little) commercially-prepared foodstuffs; made at home, with basic equipment; using basic cooking skills.

Hm. There may be other guidelines, but I work so bare-bones that I can’t think of what more to include.

So… Your thoughts?


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