Basics of Cooking happened because I saw so many people with a hunger for food that came from their own efforts. The masses of cookbooks may inspire some, but a greater number are overwhelmed by the possibilities, or baffled by the mystical terms that seem to dwell within such books.

My cooking is founded on the necessity of eating, of making do, of creating something out of nothing. Inspired by cultures around the world, I have discovered a thread that runs through them all: simple, healthy ingredients with a liberal dash of seasoning.

For now, all will be based on my own experiences of cooking, taking my recent ancestors’ farm cookery into something better suited to our modern (sedentary) lives, my successful explorations of medieval foods, and the tasty offerings of my cooking friends. If it’s complicated, it won’t be here!

Most recipes will begin with a foundation, and be followed by variations on the theme. In addition, you may follow categories and tags to see how they may fit into your day’s meals.

Recipes will be added irregularly… and I apologize for the lack of a schedule. Check back once in a while and we’ll see how it goes.

Good eating!



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