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Cheesy Veg’n’Rice

This is in 3 layers: rice, vegetables of your choice, cheese of your choice. It only looks complicated! Prepare the rice. Short grain brown rice will make a stickier rice; if you make extra, you can add milk to it next morning for breakfast. Long grain brown rice is more usual. Measure out 125 ml […]

Rice Two Ways

Rice is a staple in many households. There is much discussion over whether brown or white is better, so I leave it to your taste. My preference is brown. Long grain rice tends to want to maintain individuality. Short grain rice tends to want to stick together. Sticky rice really is sticky, and great for […]

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It’s all gravy!

Sometimes it just needs gravy!   Gravy needs only three ingredients, five if you count salt and pepper: fat, starch, and liquid. Fat can be the drippings from meat, butter, or vegetable oil. You’ll want one tablespoon per cup of gravy. Starch can be flour, cornstarch, arrowroot, and so on. You’ll want one tablespoon, too, […]

What else do we need here?

Always thinking about my friends who want to eat at home, but not necessarily undertake cordon bleu challenges… So, what else do we need here? Fruits and vegetables can, for the most part, be eaten raw. Many meats can just be thrown onto a pan or into the oven and cooked until done. We have […]

Soup, or pottage, and Onion Soup

Soups are a place to be adventurous. If there is a food you like, it may well go into a soup. My mother would make Refrigerator Soup, which was all the leftover meats, vegetables, and starches in the fridge after three days, popped into a flavored liquid of some sort. Some were very good and […]